Costa Rica Medical Tourism

Deciding to undergo plastic surgery is a very important decision, and important factors such as the doctor and the clinic should be studied very carefully. Costa Rica’s highly skilled surgeons and strict health codes provide a safe and comforting environment for anyone considering cosmetic and re constructive surgery, oral surgery, eye surgery. Whether you’re looking for cosmetic or re constructive surgery or just a dentist, Costa Rica Exotic Travel can help you out. 

Low prices, top qualified doctors and superb results have made Costa Rica the leading destination for medical tourism. The Clinic we are working with has been accredited by Joint Commission International that gave her a very high quality level of skills and material.

Health insurance does not cover cosmetic surgery, and therefore people who want to undergo these cosmetic procedures have to decide if they want to stay in the US and pay four times what they’d be paying for the same quality job in Costa Rica. Besides providing high quality and lower cost cosmetic procedures we combine it with a pleasurable getaway experience, achieved by including a vacation experience at an exotic location as the customer recuperates with the benefit of privacy. Medical tourism is booming as patients look abroad for cheap, fast treatment, often combined with a holiday afterwards. (Medical Tourism, March 8, 2007)

From face lifts, to tummy tucks, to liposuction, to breast augmentation or reduction, Costa Rica has it all. Other services include: cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening and dental implants, hair transplant/replacement, laser eye surgery, lip augmentation and much more.

Costa Rica Exotic Travel Health division provides a one-stop shop that provides information, ratings, and transaction execution for different cosmetic procedures, locations, and physicians in Costa Rica. We have researched and selected only best doctors, all of them well known in there particular medical field, all accredited by the Costa Rican Plastic Surgery Board.