Student Groups

Costa Rica Exotic Travel specializes in student and special interest groups looking for an incredible learning experience in Costa Rica.  There are many Costa Rica student tours to choose from.  With over 2000 species of moths and butterflies, 850 varieties of birds, 205 species of mammals and more than 10,000 species of plant life, Costa Rica is a treasure chest of ecological learning in an extremely safe environment.  Known to many as the “Switzerland of Central America,“ Costa Rica boasts a 95% literacy rate and has no standing army.  No other country in Central or South America, provides a safer, more healthy and enjoyable learning environment than Costa Rica. 

Our large network of specialized student and group planning companies are fully-capable to handle any group size and all group needs.  High school student group or a highly specialized group of dendrologists, we can arrange everything from transportation, lodging, and meals to event planning and activities, enabling you’re group to maximize its learning experience and minimize everyones’ stress so that learning is the focus of the trip, not coordinating.  We want the trip to be a vacation for the chaperons too!