Car Rental F.A.Q.‘s

Q1. What does the basic insurance include?

A1 It includes coverage for collision damage waiver; (CDW), Liability (LI), and car theft (CT).

Q2. Does the basic insurance have a deductible?

A2. Yes it does. It has a deductible of US$ 750.00 for the CDW and the CT. It also carries a 20% deductible for damages incurred to Third-Party property

Q3. Is there an optional insurance to avoid the deductible? What is the cost?

A3. Yes, the optional insurance has a cost of US$ 9.00 per day and it covers the CDW and CT deductibles as well as theft of accessory parts of the car. Please consider that the 20% deductible for damages incurred to Third-Party property is also covered by this insurance.

Q4. Do you charge taxes or airport fees on rentals?

A4. No, we don’t.

Q5. What is the cost for an extra driver?

A5. It has an additional cost of US$ 2.00 per day per driver.

Q6. Can you deliver the car to my hotel? Can you pick up the car at my hotel after rental? Is there an extra charge for these services?

A6. Under normal circumstances, we do deliver and pick up our vehicles at your hotel. For hotels located near the rental car offices, no Drop-Off or Pick-up charges apply

Q7. Can I pick up the vehicle at the international airport terminal? Is there an extra charge for this service?

A7. If you provide us with your flight number, arrival date; and arrival time, a staff member will meet you at the airport terminal and bring you to the airport office, located three minutes away from the terminal, at no additional cost for you.

Q8. Credit card insurance is accepted?

A8. No, it is not. You have to purchase the basic insurance

Q9. Cash, traveler checks or debit cards for deposit are accepted?

A9. No, only take credit card deposits.