Costa Rica Weather and Maps

The Costa Rica weather is tropical and has two different seasons with an average temperature of 22 C:

The Dry season extends from December to April and the green season from May to November. However, the country offers a lot of different micro-climates which are linked to the differences of altitudes and the proximity of both oceans Pacific and Atlantic.

That’s why the Costa Rica weather allows you to plan your vacations all year long according to your expectations:

On Caribbean coast, the weather is generally really hot with some scattered rainy days. To get a nice tan on Caribbean coast or to go surfing, we recommend you to go during the months of September and October. For the turtle fans, don’t miss the turtles nesting in Tortuguero between July and August !

On North Pacific side, if you want to enjoy surfing in Tamarindo and Flamingo the driest months are also between December and April, but it is really nice to come on green season when there are less people.

If you plan a wedding and honeymoon in Costa Rica, prefer September or October on Caribbean Coast , December to April on Pacific side for a beach ceremony or a nice Honeymoon, and all year long for a rainforest adventure.

Adventure travel like ziplining, rafting, kayaking or Arenal volcano hike, can be planned all year long.

Current Weather in Costa Rica

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